Tiny Bookworms

Ages 0 thru 3

For the tiniest bookworms, this is a book club for kids, ages 0- 3. The club offers socially conscious literature that foster an early love of reading. Selections include books with simple ideas and exciting characters to keep young bookworms occupied.

Member Benefits

  • 📚Access two new books every month.

  • 🌱Access exclusive complementary activity for each book.

  • 👩‍👧Read books. Do activities. Become part of a community of socially conscious kids.

How Our Book Club Works




Civic Engagement- We learn how to make a difference in our communities, and develop skills, values, and motivation to make that difference.


To inspire our tiny bookworms, we will read 

Counting on Community & What Can Citizens Do.


Buy books on Bookshop.


Borrow books on Hoopla.


After reading Counting on Community,

draw a picture of your community. 

After reading What Can Citizens Do,

name five things you would do as a citizen.