Perceptive Preschoolers

Ages 3 thru 5

For the perceptive preschoolers, this is a book club for kids, ages 3-5. The club offers beginning socially conscious literature that appease curious minds. Engaging characters are central to simple story structures for children who are developing an awareness of their surroundings.

On August 28, 1963, a remarkable event took place--more than 250,000 people gathered in our nation's capital to participate in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. When combined with his simple yet compelling illustrations, the thrill of the day is brought to life for even the youngest reader to experience.

I Voted explains the concept of choosing, individually, and as a group, from making a simple choice: "Which do you like better, apples or oranges?", to selecting a class pet, to even more complicated decisions, like electing community representatives. You may not always get want you want, but there are strategies to better your odds!

Hoopla is a free, streaming service. Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, comics, movies, music and television shows with your library card. Many picture books even include a new read-along feature.

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Civic Engagement- We learn how to make a difference in our communities, and develop skills, values, and motivation to make that difference.


To inspire our perceptive preschoolers (ages 3-5), we will read We March & I Voted: Making a Choice Makes a Difference.


Draw a picture of yourself as a marcher with a protest sign for something you would stand up for. 

Recall a time you voted for something.


Check out hard copies from your local library or

eBooks/ audiobooks through Hoopla for Kids.

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