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For the independent book lovers, this is a book club for kids, ages 7-9. The club offers socially conscious literature that prompt questions, encourage dialogue, and improve your child’s intellectual ability for years to come.

I couldn't play on the same playground as the white kids. I couldn't go to their schools. I couldn't drink from their water fountains. There were so many things I couldn't do. In 1963 Birmingham, Alabama, thousands of African American children volunteered to march for their civil rights after hearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak. They protested the laws that kept black people separate from white people. Facing fear, hate, and danger, these children used their voices to change the world

Every two years, on the first Tuesday of November, Stanton Elementary School closes for the day. For vacation? Nope! For repairs? No way! Stanton Elementary School closes so that it can transform itself into a polling station. People can come from all over to vote for the people who will make laws for the country. Sure, the Stanton Elementary School students might be too young to vote themselves, but that doesn't mean they can't encourage their parents, friends, and family to vote!

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Civic Engagement- We learn how to make a difference in our communities, and develop skills, values, and motivation to make that difference.


To inspire our independent book lovers (ages 7-9),

we will read Let the Children March & Equality's Call.


Think of a protest sign of your own you would like to create. Explain to your parents what 'equality's call' means.


Check out hard copies from your local library or

eBooks/ audiobooks through Hoopla for Kids.

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