Frequently Asked Questions

What is Socio Lit?

Socio Lit is a social justice children’s book club and subscription service. For a recurring membership fee, Socio Lit curates the most brilliant socially conscious literature for subscribers every month. Books are organized by age for newborn to age 12. Parents can choose from five book clubs: Tiny Bookworms (newborn to 3 years old), Perceptive Preschoolers (3-5 years old), Novel Readers (5-7 years old), Independent Book lovers (7-9 years old), or Blooming Bibliophiles (9-12 years old). Each book club celebrates a unique social theme with hand–picked literature, videos, and activities that inspire learning, and foster integrity, compassion, and service to community. On the 1st of every month, families can log into their accounts for selected books, with the option of borrowing hard copies from their local library or accessing e-books/audio books through Hoopla for Kids.


Parents may also purchase unique book club accessories at our book accessories store.


How many books do we access per month?

You access 2 books per club each month.

When can we access the monthly books, videos, and activities?

We post links to our books and activities on the 1st of every month. If you create an account with Socio Lit, you will immediately have access to our contents. This will include why we're celebrating a theme, educational facts about the theme, books to celebrate the theme, educational videos, and activities related to the books, including indoor play ideas and outdoor projects, and a forum to share ideas with other parents.

How do you decide which books to recommend?

Selecting our books is the core part of our job, so we spend an enormous amount of time conducting online research and in-person scrutiny with parents and kids alike. We know you have access to hundreds of children’s books on numerous topics, so we opted to focus on socially conscious literature that will enlighten and inspire our readers.


Why am I paying $5.99 per month?

With a monthly membership fee of $2.99, you receive the full Socio Lit experience. The membership fee allows us to cover the cost of curation and Socio Lit's database.

When will my subscription renew?

Subscriptions renew on the date of purchase of months to which you are subscribed.

For example, if you subscribed to Socio Lit on November 10th, your subscription will renew on the 10th of every month until you cancel.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please send an email to and we'll get you all sorted out!


What if I have children in multiple age ranges? How do I sign up for more than one club?

Create your account. Then sign up for multiple clubs. The club price for each membership is $2.99.

What happens when my child ages out of a club?

To change your child’s club:

Send us an email requesting that we cancel your subscription.

Then create a new account.

Select the club that is best fit for your child.

Pay the membership fee, and you’re on your way.


*Make sure you do this BEFORE your next membership collection date, for the changes to take effect for your child’s next post.*


Why not just look on Amazon to find a topic and books related to it?

Amazon has hundred of children’s books on their platform that have not been reviewed or vetted by experts. You could spend hours browsing, or you could join Socio Lit and access expertly chosen books.

May we suggest the next theme?

You may send suggestions to our curation team at Please note however that we ultimately pick the ‘social’ theme we think is best suited for a particular month.

Could you explain what social consciousness means?

​What is social consciousness?

Social consciousness is the awareness of important social issues.


How is it developed?

It is developed through books, first hand experience, or both.


Why is it important?

It is important because the more aware a person is of his or her surroundings, the more sensitive he or she will be toward social injustice.


Who is a socially conscious kid?

A kid who notices social problems in society is socially conscious. This will manifest into a strong sense of responsibility for social problems, and increase the likelihood he or she will look for solutions and take action.

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