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Blooming Bibliophiles

Ages 9 thru 12

For the blooming bibliophiles, this is a book club for kids, ages 9-12. This club offers more complex socially conscious literature that enhance abilities developed through previous clubs. Sections include a combination of fiction and nonfiction books fitting for pre-teens.

Members Benefits

  • 📚Access two new books every month.

  • 🌱Access exclusive complementary activity for each book.

  • 👩‍👧Read books. Do activities. Become part of a community of socially conscious kids.

How Our Book Club Works




Civic Engagement- We learn how to make a difference in our communities, and develop skills, values, and motivation to make that difference.


To inspire our independent book lovers, we will read 

It's Your World & Lillian's Right to Vote.


Buy books on Bookshop.


Borrow Books on Hoopla.


After reading, It's Your World, think about what you could do to make a difference.


After reading, Lillian's Right to Vote, ask the adults in your family if they are registered to vote. Then tell them why it is important, based on what you learned from 'Lillian's Right to Vote'.