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Socio Lit curates the most brilliant socially conscious literature for kids ages 0 thru 12. Each month our members celebrate a unique theme like culture & language, the environment or civic engagement with award-winning books and activities. Our selections inspire learners and foster integrity, compassion, and service to community.

Our Team

Andrea Lardner

Founder and Creative Director

Andrea is a mother, educator, and social activist. As a mother, she wants her son to have a relationship to the space where literature, social awareness, and the book integrate. Andrea believes the best way to learn is to engage with subjects you are passionate about, and read about topics of which you have little knowledge. She is an avid reader, creative writer, and university instructor. As an activist, she works on projects that shape policies, and strengthen programs at national and international levels. Andrea earned a B.A in Sociology from Benedictine University, an M.A in Applied Sociology from University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and an M.A in International Studies and Diplomacy from SOAS University of London.


Interns bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to our team. Our interns are college graduates who majored in education, english, literature or communications studies, with an interest in social justice.

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