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Service to Community.

We are enabling children to become active, caring, and responsible members of our social and political community through socially conscious books and activities.


How Our Book Club Works

Our Book Club Is

Uniquely Themed




We spend an enormous amount of time searching for the most brilliant socially conscious literature for our members.

Want to know what we read? Here are some monthly themes.

In April, we read books about the environment to celebrate earth day.


In May, we read books about culture and language to celebrate world day for cultural diversity.


And in November, we read books about civic engagement to celebrate our communities.


Kids join for a one-time membership fee of $4.99.

Parents join at no cost.

Expertly Curated 

We hand-pick books that inspire learning, and foster a sense of integrity, compassion, and service to community.

The Earth Book
Gaby and Grandma Go Green
Earth Day Every Day
Stolen Words
The Day You Begin
Where Are You From?
What Can a Citizen Do_
I Voted
It's Your World- Get Informed, Get Inspi

Activity Centered

We create activities exclusively for our book club that are complementary to the books we read,

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Kids join for a one-time membership fee of $4.99.

Parents join at no cost.





Who is a socially conscious child?

A child who notices social problems in society is socially conscious. This will manifest into a strong sense of responsibility for social problems, and increase the likelihood he or she will look for solutions and take action.

May we suggest the next theme?

You may send suggestions to our curation team at Please note however that we ultimately pick the ‘social’ theme we think is best suited for a particular month.

What if I have children in multiple age ranges? How do I sign up for more than one club?

Create your account. Then sign up for multiple clubs. There is a one-time membership fee of $4.99 for each club.




Frequently Asked Questions

Kids join for a one-time membership fee of $4.99.

Parents join at no cost.